Autoexpert Service Concept

Since the beginning of 2012 GRUPAUTO Bulgaria Ltd. develops a service concept for a chain of related suppliers and repairers - EUROGARAGE. In Bulgaria it is named AUTOEXPERT. At the end of 2011 this service concept has already been successfully developed in 17 countries with more than 4800 garages. The concept is based on the objective of providing consumers with the highest standard of service on the one hand and on the other, to create conditions for partnership workshops with distributors. On the Bulgarian market there are many independent repairers who understand the need to adapt their business to the growing demands of their customers and look modern forms of management.

AUTOEXPERT offers to participate in it to win the following:

1. Membership in perspective and reputable automotive community with good financial results;
2. Preferential rates of parts offered by GRUPAUTO Bulgaria;
3. Special conditions for supplies; 
4. Online connection with the bases of AUTO HELP;
5. Provision of necessary technical information by building a common information system;
6. Provide seminars and trainings;
7. Sales and marketing support;
8. Preferential conditions for the purchase and use of service equipment and tools;
9. Ability for deployment of professional software for managing and control of service and commercial activities;
10. Targeting customers from the commercial network for mounting and warranty service of the offered products;
11. Programs for loyal customers;
12. Branding of the service.

To become a good part of this service chain, symbol of quality and high standards of work, it must meet at least 3/4th of the following requirements:

In terms of the installations:       

1. At least 4 working turrets /including elevators, ducts and stands/;
2. Aspiration exhausts system;
3. Compressors and installation for compressed air;
4. A set of professional hand tools;
5. Pneumatic and electric tools;
6. Hydraulic press;
7. Waste oil drainers;
8. Accessories for changing brake fluid;
9. Diagnostic kit;
10. Station for servicing air conditioning installations;
11. Machines for assembly, disassembly and balance of tires;
12. Technical information system
13. Wheel Alignment stand

Commercial aspects:

1. Providing place for the identification signs of AUTOEXPERT;
2. Area for clients /hosting room/ separated from the working area;
3. One-type clothing;
4. Plan for development of the service;
5. Optimal prices of provided services;
6. Electronic price list of the offered parts;
7. Active participation of the suppliers` promotions;
8. Providing space for internal positioning of the logos of the suppliers and the nationwide network of AUTOEXPERT;
9. Customers database.

Organization of the service:

1. At least 5 people employed on contracts;
2. System used for storing supplies in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection;
3. Computer billing;
4. System for Internet access to customers` information;
5. Joining the training programs;
6. Active participation in AUTOEXPERT` s trainings.

Joining AUTOEXPERT can be done by:

1. Acceptance criteria for high quality service;
2. Alignment of the external and internal appearance of the building to the requirement for a good service if necessary;
3. Advertising display for the necessary branding appearance for identification of requirements of GRUPAUTO Bulgaria;
4. Ensuring communication and computer equipment to fully participate in the common information system.

The cost of the above tasks should be agreed with GRUPAUTO Bulgaria specifically for each site, replacing the franchise fee and are entirely spend for it.
The funds necessary for initial development, promotion and maintenance of the AUTOEXPERT chain are raised through monthly contributions of 15lv. for one workplace. The first thirty members are exempt from monthly payments until the end of 2012.

For building a common information system including information from catalog and repair and diagnostic information, as well as professional software for managing the service and commercial actions 50 lv. for an object are collected monthly. The first thirty members are exempt from monthly payments until the end of September 2012.